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Monday, September 25, 2017

Who We Are

A Coalition of Doctors and facilities are currently using their own money to begin the trial. The Coalition consists of:  Paul Harch, MD of LSU and the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation (IHMF); William Duncan, PhD of the IHMF; Robert Mozayeni, MD and Robert Beckman, PhD, of CareVector LLC; and Stephen Reimers, MS, PE of Reimers Systems, Inc. and the San Francisco Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine. Over 80 HBOT facilities nationwide are on-board to participate if funding is available. These 80 private facilities have enough capacity to treat over 1,000 patients in less than one year. That treatment could demonstrate HBOT as a primary intervention strategy to stanch the epidemic of veteran suicides, homicides, incarcerations, divorce and deterioration in the active military being reassigned over and over to combat

The International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation was established to improve public health by disseminating scientific knowledge, promoting, sponsoring, and conducting research into hyperbaric medicine and adjunctive therapies, educating the medical community and the general public about the benefits of hyperbaric medicine and related therapies, educating and training medical professionals, and assisting individuals in obtaining treatment.

CareVector, LLC is a unique software and services collective. The goal of CareVector is to collaborate with individuals to alter their state of health and improve healthcare outcomes (treatments, protocols, policies). CareVector does that by developing, maintaining, servicing, and promoting the use of Information Technology in novel ways. CareVector has developed the CareVector Platform (CVP) to create forms, databases, data acquisition and transfer methods, and data visualization, processing and analysis methods to improve the processes by which patients and medical care givers interact to find the right care path, or vector, toward health. See

Reimers Systems is dedicated to providing customers with quality products and innovative service solutions in hyperbaric healthcare in accordance with the most current technology and safety standards. We back that promise with integrity, experience and commitment to the needs of our customers – from building a customized hyperbaric chamber to the smallest detail improving efficiency. We strive to expand the availability of hyperbaric treatment by providing innovative, cost-effective and code-compliant solutions to grow the number of sites suitable for supporting a hyperbaric facility.

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