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Monday, September 25, 2017

Get Involved

There is lots you can do at all levels!
1. Over the course of the next week, talk to 3 friends and have them each donate $20. Have each of them contact three of their friends, and so on...

(If everyone contacts at least three of their friends, by the eleventh generation we will have reached our goal of funding the NBIRR trial)

2. Learn about TBI and PTSD by reading throughout this website. Over 600,000 wounded warriors stand to benefit from the results of this clinical trial. Further, over 1,000,000 Americans per year suffer from head injuries from: stroke, falls, car accidents, sports injuries, and other traumatic incidents to the head.

3. Call your Representative and your two Senators and encourage them to provide coverage to wounded Veterans. It will take five minutes and could help save lives. Not a bad trade-off.

4. Reach out to Veteran Organizations to volunteer your time

5. Talk to friends and family about Traumatic Brain Injury and you will likely be surprised at how prevalent brain injury is in American society and you may even know someone personally who suffers themselves. Direct them to the resources on our website!

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