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Monday, September 25, 2017

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Brain Injury and HBOT in the News

The latest in an ongoing series called Brain Wars which investigates the military's treatment of troops with traumatic brain injuries. The latest installment finds that the military's health plan, Tricare, relied upon a controversial study to deny coverage for a well-regarded treatment for traumatic brain injury known as cognitive rehabilitation therapy...

Stories published Dec 20 & 21, 2010

Previous stories investigated the Pentagon’s commitment to recognizing the significance of traumatic brain injury by focusing on a singular military honor. Military regulations specify that concussions merit award of the Purple Heart, a nearly unrivaled symbol of public sacrifice and personal suffering. But ProPublica and NPR found that soldiers were turned down for the award or had to fight to receive it. Miller and Zwerdling discovered that the top medical official in Iraq in 2008 had issued a memo discouraging award of the Purple Heart for concussions, in clear contradiction to the Army’s own rules. The Pentagon has since launched a review of its policies on award of the Purple Heart to ensure deserving soldiers receive it.

Stories published Sept 9, 2010

NPR and ProPublica initiated the Brain War series with a four-month investigation which found that the military is failing to diagnose brain injury in soldiers, many of whom receive little or no care. Congress directed the military to improve detections and treatment of brain injury after the Walter Reed scandal in 2007. Our reporting finds that those promises have not been kept. 

Stories published June 8 & 9, 2010

Day 1: Military failing to diagnose soldiers; screens faulty; soldiers records abandoned, destroyed, lost.

Day 2: Soldiers at Ft. Bliss, the third largest base in America, who were wounded by blasts have had trouble getting adequate treatment for their injuries.

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